Where is the mic on AirPods? (Myth Explained)

Everyone searching that where is the  mic on airpods? There is no better option than Apple’s Airpods if you want to enjoy the beats wirelessly. In the recent past, Airpods become popular in the sound industry and now millions of people are using them. If you are also a Pods user, you might have pondered, where is the mic on Airpods? So, we are here to answer this query.

Aside from getting the answer to the query, you will know how to clean Airpods microphone and how you can test mic. So, let’s get started;

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Where is the mic on Airpods?

Many users think that there is no microphone in Pods. Hence, before making the location of the mic clear, allow me to clarify whether Pods have a mic or not.

Airpods Microphone:

If you are thinking that there is no microphone in Airpods just because of Pods’ smart design, you are wrong.

Pods come with microphones. Let me substantiate the claim to make your mind clearer about Airpods’ mic.

Without of mic, two-way communication on call isn’t possible. You can’t use Siri with Pods, in case, there is no mic. Moreover, you can’t communicate bi-directional on zoom and other video calls app.

Hence, it is proved that Airpods seem incomplete without a mic.

Now let me discover the location of the mic on Pods.

Mic location of Airpods:

It would be shocking to know that Pods have two microphones (4 mics in both Pods). Where are these two microphones located in Airpods? Here is the answer;

  • In the stem 
  • Earpiece

Airpods Location Explained 2022

The microphone in the stem of Pods is more predictable and numerous users know about the location of this mic. Furthermore, this stem mic helps you to make your sound clearer on call, thanks to its mouth-ward direction.

On the other hand, the earpiece microphone is hidden and can’t be visible to the naked eye. However, this mic helps you to reduce noise on calls and recording.

How to test AirPods mic?

For new Pods users, it is essential to check whether the Airpods mic is working properly or not. You can test the mic by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Connect the Pods with mobile
  • Open any Sound recording app
  • Talk loudly and record the sound
  • Listen to the recorded sound


How to clean AirPods microphone?

To make your voice clearer and crisp, it is essential to clean Airpods’ mic properly. However, it is a good idea to clear that only the stem-located mic can be cleaned with the following method. The earpiece mic can’t be cleaned.

  • Take a Q-tip
  • Dampen it with alcohol
  • Use this dampen Q-tip to clean the stem-located mic


Final Words:

We have tried to explain the answer where is the mic on Airpods. We hope, by reading this article you will come to know the exact location of Airpods Microphones. If you have any other questions please do ask in the comment section. We will try to answer all your queries. Thank you. Stay blessed.


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