Is 20000mAH Power Bank Allowed in Flight?

In this revolutionized world, traveling can be intimidating with a laptop, or mobile having dead batteries. Imagine, how panicked the situation will be when you have a mobile with an empty battery and you can’t take pictures, and check emails on your trip.

To avoid this type of situation, a Power bank is introduced; thereby, you can keep your power-hungry devices charged, it doesn’t matter where you are. But, here a question comes to mind, is 20000mah Power Bank Allowed in Flight?

In the following discussion, we will try to elaborate on the answer to the above-asked query along with several other related questions as well.

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Is 20000mAH Power Bank Allowed in Flight?

The answer is “YES”. A 20000mAH power bank is allowed in flight. Nowadays, power banks use lithium-ion batteries just like the batteries in your mobile phones and laptops. So, you can keep your power bank as carry-on luggage.

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Which type of power banks are allowed in flight?

Different airlines have different rules about power banks. According to USA Airlines’ policy, a power bank with a maximum 160Wh is allowed to bring. On the flip side, various airlines allow only power banks with a maximum capacity of 100.

How to Calculate the capacity in Watt Hours?

Generally, Airlines guide you to the allowed power bank in terms of Watt Hours. However, Power banks come with the capacity of mAH (milli-Ampere Hours). So, it may get your wires crossed. To avoid any type of confusion, here is the formula to convert mAH into WH.


You need to know the voltage of the power bank and then multiply it by mAH and divide by 1000. You will get the value in watt-hours. For example; if you have a 20000mAH power bank with 3.7 voltage then;

Capacity= 20000mAH

Voltage= 3.7V


Hence, there will be no issue if you bring a 20000mAH (74WH) power bank with you while flying for a trip.

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Why Power Banks are prohibited by Airlines?

Power banks are made of volatile material which is more prone to catch fire in no time. To avoid any mishap, it is not allowed to bring power bank check-in luggage.


The simple answer to the query, “Is 20000mah power bank allowed in flight” is “YES”. Aside from getting the relevant answer to the query, I have tried to explain the formula of mAH and WH as well. If you have any other questions, please do ask in the comment section. Thank you, Stay blessed.


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