I found an apple watch how do I reset it? (Actionable Methods Explained)

Nowadays, the Apple watch is one of the complements for your personality. Without an Apple watch, it seems impossible to look modish. Moreover, pairing an Apple watch with your phone makes it more valuable for us. Because of its versatility, the Apple Watch is getting popular among youth.

However, have you ever found it somewhere in a gym, roadside or café? If so, you are among those who thought, “I found an Apple watch how do I reset it”. Here, we will reveal the answer to the question and other related queries. So, stay with us and get your answer precisely.

I Found an Apple Watch How do I Reset it?

Method1: The answer to this question is quite simple, and it demands no effort to reset an Apple watch. We suppose you don’t have Apple ID or passcode because it is a found/stolen Apple watch. Follow the steps and reset without a paired phone, Apple ID, or passcode.

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  1. Charge the Watch before following the steps mentioned below
  2. Press the side button (physical) for a while until you see the Power off option on the screen
  3. Now press Digital Crown for a long until you see an option (Erase all content and setting) on the screen
  4. It takes time to erase all data from the found watch

Here, you have you a reset found Apple Watch.

Note: By following all the steps mentioned above, all the data from the watch will be removed.

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Method 2: This method demands a different approach by using the physical button on the watch. Please check the following method as well;

i- Charge the Watch before taking any further action

ii- Long press the button until you see the Power off option on the screen

iii- Now touch the Power off option on the screen for a long (No need to press the Digital Crown button)

iv- Erase all content and settings option will be shown on the screen; touch on that

v- It takes some time to remove all the saved settings and data from the watch

What you need to do when you found an Apple watch:

Using a found watch that doesn’t belong to you isn’t ethical. Therefore, if you find a watch, you should handover it over to the nearby police station. Moreover, you should try to find the owner of that watch.

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Can you use a found Apple Watch?

Yes, it can be used after getting it to reset by following the steps mentioned above. However, you must try to find the owner of that watch. Furthermore, using a watch that doesn’t belong to you is too risky.

Tip: Erasing all the settings and data of a found watch can reduce the risk of being caught by police


We hope you have got the answer to the query; I found an apple watch how do I reset it? Yes, it is possible to reset a watch without knowing about Apple ID/passcode or paired mobile. Please do ask in the comment section if you have any other queries about it. Thank you. Stay blessed


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