How to Unsend an Email in Outlook: 7 Best Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever sent an email and immediately regretted it? In this article, I’ll show you how to unsend an email in Outlook. Maybe you made a mistake in the message, or you realized that you sent it to the wrong person. If you’re using Outlook, you may be able to unsend the email.

Outlook has a feature called “Recall This Message” that allows you to delete an email from the recipient’s inbox if they haven’t opened it yet.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you try to unsend an email. First, the recipient must be using an email client that supports recall.

Second, the recall must be initiated within a certain amount of time after the email was sent. I’ll also discuss the limitations of the recall feature and what you can do if the recall fails.

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Understanding the Unsend Feature in Outlook

Before we delve into the practical steps of unsending an email, it’s essential to understand how the feature works. When you unsend an email in Outlook, the email is not immediately deleted from the recipient’s inbox.

Instead, the email is recalled, and a replacement message is sent, requesting the recipient’s email client to delete the original message. However, this process could be better, as it depends on various factors, such as the recipient’s email settings and the timing of your request.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Unsend an Email in Outlook

Step 1: Open the “Sent Items” Folder

To begin the process of unending an email, open Microsoft Outlook and navigate to the “Sent Items” folder. This folder contains all the emails you have sent.

Step 2: Locate the Email to Be Unsended

Once in the “Sent Items” folder, locate the email you wish to unsend. It’s essential to act quickly because the success of mainly unending depends on whether the recipient has already read the email or not.

Step 3: Double-Click on the Email

Double-click the email you want to unsend to open it in a new window.

Step 4: Click on the “Actions” Tab

At the top of the email window, you’ll find the “Actions” tab. Click on it to reveal a dropdown menu.

Step 5: Select “Recall This Message”

From the dropdown menu, select “Recall This Message.” Outlook will then display a dialog box with two options.

Step 6: Choose the Recall Option

In the recall dialog box, you can select “Delete unread copies of this message” or “Delete unread copies and replace them with a new message.” The latter option allows you to send a corrected version of the email. Choose the appropriate option for your situation.

Step 7: Click “OK” and Confirm

After selecting, click “OK” to initiate the unsend process. If you send a replacement email, compose the corrected message and click “Send” to ensure the recipient receives the updated content.

Tips for Maximizing Success

To increase the chances of successfully unsending an email in Outlook, consider the following tips:

  • Act Promptly

The sooner you realize the mistake and attempt to unsend the email, the better your chances of success.

  • Check Read Receipts

If you have enabled read receipts in Outlook, you can check if the recipient has read the email before attempting to unsend it.

  • Verify Recipient Availability

Confirm with the recipient whether they have read the email before trying to unsend it.

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In conclusion, After reading this blog post, I hope your completed understand that how to unsend an email in outlook? The ability to un-send an email in Outlook can be a lifesaver in those moments of email regret.

By following the step-by-step guide and keeping the tips in mind, you can minimize the impact of sending erroneous emails and maintain professionalism in the digital world.

Remember to act promptly, check read receipts, and verify the recipient’s availability for the best results. Happy emailing!

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Can I un-send an email if the recipient has already read it?

Yes, you can attempt not to send an email even if the recipient has read it. However, the recall’s success largely depends on various factors, and there’s no guarantee that the email will be successfully unsent.

Is the unsend feature available in all versions of Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, the un-send feature is available in most versions of Microsoft Outlook. However, the steps to access and use the feature vary slightly depending on your performance.

What happens if the recipient has opened the email I want to unsend?

If the recipient has already opened the email, the success of the un-send process becomes less likely. The recall request may not be effective, and the original email will remain in their inbox.


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