How To Turn On A Vizio TV Without A Remote

Does anyone want to know how to turn on a Vizio tv without a remote? Because vizio is the most popular brand in the market due to its high quality and design. It’s frustrating to know how to turn off a tv.

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If you lose your remote or it’s broken, even if you do not have a remote. In this blog post, we’ll explore simple ways to you turn on your tv without the remote control. And you can watch your favorite shows, movies, and anything else again. So, Let’s get started. 

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Details About  How To Turn On A Vizio TV Without A Remote

If you lose your remote? or it’s broken? And you want to know how to turn on the vizio tv without a remote or power button? So, don’t worry. We will explain the complete details and share our experience with you. 

Here are some simple methods describe for you:

  • Use the Power on Button of the TV

It’s simple and the first method on your TV without a remote. Every vizio-tv has a power on or off button. It’s available on the back or front side of the tv. If you find the power on button, press it and hold for a few seconds until your tv turns on. 

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  • Use Universal Remote

It is the second method for turning on your tv. Suppose you have a universal remote programmed in or correct mode for your tv. So pick a universal remote, press the power on button, and look at its turn-on. 

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  • Use the Vizio SmartCast App Or Vizio TV Remote App 

Using the smart cast app is an easy method in our list. Go to the app store or google play store, find the Vizio smart cast app on your smartphone, and download it.

After downloading the app, you open it and select your tv from the list and tap the power on button and look again at the tv because it’s turned on now. 

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  • Use the HDMI-CEC

Suppose you have any other device connected to your Vizio-TV, like a cable box or gaming console. By using these, you can turn on the tv through HDMI-CEC.

It’s a smart feature that allows a device to send commands to each other device through an HDMI cable. Go to the setting and check if your device HDMI-CEC is enabled. If not, click on it and allows HDMI-CEC. If enabled, it turns on the device and depends on the tv. 


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How do you manually turn on a Vizio TV?

Find the power button on your Vizio TV or the remote control to manually turn it on. If you want to turn on the tv, click or press the power button. 

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Where is the power button on a Vizio TV?

A Vizio TV’s power button may be either on the device itself or on the remote control. It depends on the tv model. Because every TV model and controller is in different places, look for a button with the word “Power” or an icon representing it.

Can you control Vizio TV without a remote?

Yes, you can operate a Vizio TV without using a remote. You can use the physical buttons on the TV to access its menus and modify its settings. A universal remote control or a smartphone app are other TV control options.

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Do all Vizio TVs have a power button?

Usually, the power button is available in vizio tvs or on the remote controller. However, specific models could lack a physical power button in favor of a capacitive touch. If you do not have a TV or remote button, you must contact Vizio tv customer service for help. 


In the end,  If you don’t have a remote to turn on your TV, you try four simple ways. It helps you to know how to turn on the TV without a remote.

Because these are simple methods, you can use them and turn on your TV and watch your favorite movies and shows again. 


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