How To Mirror iPhone To Vizio TV

 Wondering how to mirror iphone to vizio tv? This easy guide has the answer! We frequently wish to share content on our mobile devices with a larger screen in today’s multi-media and technological world. Fortunately, thanks to technological improvements, mirroring our iPhone screens to a TV is now very simple.

Mirroring an iPhone to a Vizio TV is a reasonably simple process, and Vizio is a famous TV brand that many people use. We’ll walk you through mirroring your iPhone to a Vizio TV in this article so you can watch your preferred content on a larger screen.

Details About How To Mirror iPhone To Vizio TV

The steps below to mirror your iPhone to a Vizio TV:

  1. Ensure that the Vizio TV and iPhone are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Make sure your Vizio TV is turned on and set to the input or source you want to use to mirror your iPhone.
  3. Now swipe down from the top corner of the mobile screen to access the control center. 
  4. Select “Screen Mirroring” from the menu. Afterward, you can slide up from the bottom of the screen for an open control center on mobile with the home button. 
  5. The devices that are accessible will be listed. Locate and tap on your Vizio TV.
  6. If prompted, enter the PIN that is shown on your TV.
  7. Once connected, your Vizio TV will display a mirror image of your iPhone screen.
  8. Click on the stop mirror button in the control center or switch off your vizio tv.


Ensure your Vizio TV supports screen mirroring and that both devices are running the most recent software updates if you experience any problems with the abovementioned steps. Additionally, try resetting both your Vizio TV and iPhone and reconnecting them.

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In conclusion, using a Vizio TV to mirror your iPhone is a practical way to view your preferred material on a bigger screen. Watch your selected films, photographs, and more by following a few easy steps and mirroring your iPhone screen to your Vizio TV.

Mirroring your iPhone to a Vizio TV is a terrific choice whether you want to enjoy a movie on a larger screen or show off your holiday photos to friends and family. After reading this article, you can easily connect your iPhone to Vizio tv and enjoy your favorite movies on the big screen. 


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