How To Connect Phone To TV Without Screen Mirroring

This guide will show you how to connect phone to tv without screen mirroring? We are always seeking methods to make our lives more convenient and fun in the era of smart technologyIt’s the best way to access mobile devices for watching movies, playing games, and using the internet. 

But occasionally, we would prefer to watch that information on a bigger screen like a TV without screen mirroring. It can be beneficial if we want to prolong the battery life of our phones or prevent notification disruptions.

To let you view your material on a larger screen, we’ll look at various ways to connect your phone to a TV without employing screen mirroring in this post.

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Details About How To Connect Phone To TV Without Screen Mirroring

Other alternatives to screen mirroring for connecting your phone to a TV exist. Here are a few of the most popular approaches. 

The Use of an HDMI Cable

Everyone knows that HDMI cable is a simple way to connect your phone to a TV. You may link your phone to the HDMI ports found on most contemporary TVs. Now you need an HDMI adaptor because it’s used online in electric stores to connect your phone. 

If you get an adapter, connect the HDMI cable to one end of the adaptor with the TV. Finally, join the adapter to the charging port of your phone. You can view your stuff on a bigger screen by mirroring your phone’s display onto the TV.

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The Use of a USB Cable

If your tv has a USB port, So then you easily connect your tv with a USB cable. But not all TV models might be compatible with this technique. It would be best to have a suitable USB cable that works for both.

Suppose you have a suitable USB cable. So, now you connect one end of a USB cable to the tv, and the second end connects to the TV. The content from your phone will appear on the TV once you’re connected.

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Using Chrome Cast or Comparable Gadgets

If you want to use wireless streaming, so then use Chromecast. For Chromecast, you need a wifi network and a Chromecast device to connect your tv. 

Now connect your phone with the same Chromecast device wifi network. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV are further comparable gadgets.



MHL Adapter Usage

Mobile High Definition Link  ( MHL ) is another best way to connect your phone to a TV. This approach is less popular than the others, but it may be helpful if your phone and TV are MHL-compatible.

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Use this technique by connecting the MHL adapter to the phone’s charging port, followed by the HDMI cable connections to the adapter and TV. Now you can watch your favorite show on TV. 

In the end, you may use various screen mirroring substitutes to connect your phone to a TV. You can utilize an MHL adapter, Chromecast, or other comparable devices, an HDMI or USB cable, or both.

Examine many approaches to see which one suits you the best. Have fun and enjoy your material on a bigger screen!

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In conclusion, connecting your phone to a TV is simpler than you might imagine without using screen mirroring. You can watch the material on your phone on a bigger screen without wasting the battery or being interrupted by notifications by using an HDMI or USB cable, Chrome cast or comparable devices, or an MHL adaptor.

Find the best approach by experimenting with several methods, then start viewing your preferred content on a larger screen. By following these easy steps, you may improve your viewing experience and utilize your phone’s features.


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