Does iPhone 7 have Portrait Mode ( iPhone 8 and 7 plus )

Here, we can learn about does iPhone 7 have portrait mode. At inception, it was thought that it was hard to win the battle when we compared iPhone cameras and DSLRs. However, it seems that the latest models of the iPhone are intelligent enough to meet the requirements of photo-centric users.

But it goes without saying that yet DSLR has no competition, comparing the picture and video results. For enhanced camera results, Apple introduced portrait mode. Here, users ask that iPhone 7 have portrait view. The simple answer to this question is “NO.” Nevertheless, we will try to elaborate on what portrait mode is along with relevant information.

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Does iPhone 7 have Portrait Mode?

Portrait mode in iPhone attracts users more than ever. However, it is unfortunate that Phone doesn’t have portrait view. In fact, Apple didn’t introduce this feature at the time of the iPhone-7 launch.

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When Apple introduced portrait mode in iPhones?

After iPhone 7, Apple’s new mode, iPhone 7 Plus, came on the market in 2016 first time, equipped with portrait view.


After iPhone 7 Plus, almost every iPhone model comes with this feature. So, you can enjoy every new iPhone model’s breathtaking results.

What is Portrait Mode?

Before 2016, there was no feature like this in any iPhone model. However, iPhone 7 Plus was the first equipped with this feature. Now let me describe what portrait mode is.

Have you ever observed that a picture taken by DSLR has a focused object by blurring all the other things, including background and foreground?

Before iPhone 7 plus, there was no feature like this to focus on an object by fading out all other surroundings. This feature of focusing on a single object by out-focusing the background and foreground is called portrait view on Phone. This feature makes your pictures outstanding.

Take a picture with portrait mode in iPhone 7


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Is iPhone 7 good for taking photos?

Back in 2016, iPhone 07 was new to people with its fantastic Camera features. It came with the main camera featuring 12 MP, f/1.8, 28mm (wide), 1/3″, PDAF, OIS.

Despite of absence of view on the iPhone 7, this model stunned its users with its picture and video quality. On the other hand, the selfie camera is outstanding. The front camera features 7 MP, f/2.2, and 32mm (standard).

Is iPhone 7 good for taking Selfi

So, we can say although iPhone 7 doesn’t have it. It is amazing at taking pictures with its advanced camera and editing features.

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We hope you got the answer to the question, “Does the iPhone-7 have portrait mode“. If you have any other questions, you can ask in the comment section; we will try to answer with deep research. Thank you. Stay


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